3PIN – Plug Socket Explosion Proof

Plug Socket 32A/380VAC/3PIN Explosion Proof
Brand : SNBEiex
Type : AC32A/380VAC/3PIN
Rated Voltage : 380 VAC
Rated Power : 32A
Protection grade : IP65-IP66
Made In : China
Explosion Proof Sign : Ex D II C T6/Bt6gb/extd A21 IP65 T80 C
Zona 1 & Zona 2

1. Can Be Used In hazardous areas : Zone 1 & Zone 2.
2. Can Be Used In explosive gas atmospheres of category
Il A & II B Where the temperature classification is T1-T6.

Features :
1. The housing is die cast in aluminum alloy, with high voltage
static plastic sprayed surface.
2. The plug together with switch is constructed to from
interlock, Only if switch is off, the plug can be drawn out.
3. Conduit wiring or cable wiring.

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