SNBEiEx BAY52 – Flourenscent

Model Implication

BAY   52  –        x

J1: with emergency (without it, no note)

x1: ceiling type (side cable entry)

f: flange type

installation method  h: guardrail type

b: wall type

L: hanging chain type

Number of lamps

Single tube power

Design number

Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp



  • Widely used for work lighting in dangerous environments such as oil exploration, oil refining, chemical industry, and military industry, as well as offshore oil platforms, tankers, etc;
  • Suitable for places with high humidity and high protection requirements;
  • Suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 locations with explosive gas environments;
  • Applicable to places in zones 20, 21 and 22 of explosive dust environments;
  • Suitable for ǁ A, ǁ B and ǁ C explosive gas environments;
  • Applicable to T1 – T6 temperature groups.


Product features

  • High-power integrated LED light source, with ultra-long life and maintenance-free use for many years. The lifespan is 100 times that of incandescent lamps and 6 to 10 times that of metal halide lamps;
  • High efficiency and energy saving, the effective luminous efficiency is about 139Plm/w, the power factor is as high as 0.99, and it saves more than 80% of electricity than incandescent lamps;
  • Good stability, it can still start normally and work stably within the voltage fluctuation range of 160~265V;
  • Green and environmentally friendly, it has passed the national EMC inspection, has no electromagnetic pollution, no flicker, and is not prone to eye fatigue;
  • Instant start, no delay required when starting and restarting, can light up instantly.
  • The light source has good colour rendering, colour rendering index ≥80.
  • Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, surface sprayed with high-voltage electrostatic spray;
  • High-quality tempered glass transparent tube with high light transmittance;
  • Stainless steel exposed fasteners with high anti-corrosion performance;
  • Emergency devices can be equipped according to user requirements. When the power supply is cut off, the lamps will automatically switch to emergency lighting status;
  • Various installation methods, and adjustable installation methods can be customized according to user requirements. When replacing the lamp, one end of the lamp can be put down;
  • Both steel pipe and cable wiring can be used.

With emergency function parameters

Emergency starting time (s) Charging time (h) Emergency lighting time (min)
≤0.3 24 ≥90


Product specifications

Model Power (W) Explosion-proof signs Protection level Light body type

BAY52-      x


Exd II BT6

Exd II CT6/DIP A20 TA, T6



18×2 II
36×1 III
36×2 IV


Main technical parameters

Implementation standards   : GB3836.1ˎ GB3836.2ˎ GB12476.1ˎ IEC60079-1ˎ IEC61241-0ˎ IEC61241-1ˎ EN60079-0ˎ EN60079-1ˎ EN61241-0ˎ EN61241-1

Explosion-proof mark            : Exd II BT6 Exd II CT6/DIP A20 TA, T6

Rated voltage                          : AC220V 50Hz

Protection level                       : IP65

Anti-corrosion grade              : WF1  *WF2

Inlet device                              : G3/4” inlet specification, suitable for $10mm~14mm cables

Terminal block                        : ≤2.5mm2 wire reliable connection

Installation method                : Ceiling type 1 (x1), ceiling type 2 (x2), boom type 1 (g1), boom type 2 (g2), hanging chain type (L), flange type (f), guardrail type (n), bent rod type (w), wall type (b)

Light source power                : 18Wx1, 18Wx2, 36Wx1, 36Wx2


Product appearance and installation diagram

Order note

  • Select items one by one according to the product model description and indicate the explosion-proof mark. For example: if II B single-tube 18W flange installation is required, the product selection is BAY52-18x1f Exd II BT6;
  • When double-tube fluorescent lamps are used as emergency lighting, only one lamp with emergency function;
  • This lamp is equipped with a light source when it leaves the factory.

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